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With Friends Like Hers pure taboo
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With Friends Like Hers pure taboo

With Friends Like Hers pure taboo. Susan (Artemisia Love) and Joy (Dee Williams) are catching up when Susan's teen, Jessica (Anny Aurora), comes home with her friend Allison (Brooklyn Gray). Jessica asks Susan if Allison can stay the night, claiming they need to study for a big test the next day. Susan curtly agrees, on the condition that they don't stay up late. Joy, however, can't help but notice a certain tension coming from Susan. Once the girls have left for Jessica's room, Joy asks Susan why she seems so tense. After some coaxing, Susan admits that she doesn't like Jessica hanging around Allison because Allison is a lesbian. She desperately wants Jessica to find a man but is afraid Allison will lead her down the wrong path. Susan goes on to admit that she is particularly worried since she has to go away for a night in the coming week, and is certain that Allison will come over while she's gone and get up to no good.

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    Also Known As:

    With Friends Like Hers...

    Release Date:

    10 Feb 2022

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