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Whatever Keeps You Safe pure taboo
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Whatever Keeps You Safe pure taboo

Whatever Keeps You Safe pure taboo. Aliya Brynn is anxious as she tiptoes around her house, closing all the curtains. Something is clearly spooking her and every little sound makes her jump, including when her friend, Dante Colle, arrives and knocks on the door. As she lets him in, he notices her being on edge. Once they sit down and make themselves comfortable, it's revealed that Aliya is worried because of various news reports alerting the public to a serial killer stalking virgin teen girls. Since SHE'S a virgin, she's afraid that she might become a target, too. Although Dante's just a friend, he sees a unique opportunity to put Aliya at ease AND get a little something for it as well. He delicately suggests that THEY can have sex so that she's not a virgin anymore, which means the serial killer won't target her. While Aliya is shocked by the suggestion, since she's never seen Dante in such a way before, it IS a good idea. Despite her initial reservations, with Dante's promise of doing whatever it takes to keep her safe, she's game.

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    Whatever Keeps You Safe

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