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The Captain’s Slot pure taboo
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The Captain’s Slot pure taboo

The Captain's Slot pure taboo. Katie (Gabbie Carter) is curled up miserably on her bed, surrounded by crumpled tissues and food wrappers. She's been too depressed to go to school for the past few days, but today she has no choice but to go back. She opens her closet door to get her school uniform, but gets upset when she sees her cheerleader outfit, hinting that her depression has something to do with cheer leading. Later that day, after school, Katie spots her schoolmate Maria (Jane Wilde), who is wearing a cheer leading uniform. Katie's eyes narrow with contempt, and she decides to follow Maria to her home. When Maria arrives at her house, she is surprised to see that Katie has followed her, but she gloatingly calls Katie 'ex-captain', and arrogantly invites her inside. From their conversation, it is revealed that Katie used to be the captain of the cheer leading squad, but she got kicked off the squad after she was somehow outed as a lesbian. The school's conservative faculty didn't want a lesbian on the squad, and someone spread a false rumor that Katie was looking up the other cheerleaders' skirts, so nobody on the squad wanted to defend her.

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    Also Known As:

    The Captain's Slot

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