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Victor Relosa

Kamadora erotic movie 2023

Ica works as a sales lady in a department store. With her charm and sex appeal, she gets the attention of her boss. But unknown to everyone, a dark pe...

Director: Roman Perez Jr.

Stars: Tiffany Grey, Victor Relosa, Armina Alegre

Kahalili erotic movie 2023

A young woman finds work on a wealthy couple's farm, but asked to provide the ultimate service: to serve as a surrogate mother. As her pregnancy progr...

Director: Bobby Bonifacio Jr.

Stars: Sid Lucero, Stephanie Raz, Victor Relosa

4.7 IMDB Rating 30 Views
Litsoneras erotic movie 2023

Elria finds out her mother Minerva is having an affair with their worker named Jonas. She plans a dark scheme to break their relationship without know...

Director: Roman Perez Jr.

Stars: Yen Durano, Victor Relosa, Joko Diaz

5 IMDB Rating 18 Views
Rita erotic movie 2024

A new wife Rita, who finds herself alone when husband Ariel works abroad. They both find sexual satisfaction in other people. When Ariel comes back, t...

Director: Jerry Lopez Sineneng

Stars: Christine Bermas, Victor Relosa, Gold Aceron

6.7 IMDB Rating 22 Views
Lagaslas erotic movie 2023

A young man named Edmar falls madly in love with Karisma, a barrio lass. Will he still love her if he finds out Karisma's deepest darkest secret?

Director: Christopher Novabos

Stars: Victor Relosa, Manang Medina, Julio Diaz