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Once He’s Out of the Way pure taboo
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Once He’s Out of the Way pure taboo

Once He's Out of the Way pure taboo. Beth (Lily Larimar) is just about to head out when her parent, Leonard (Clarke Kent), stops her. She's been going out a lot lately and Leonard is concerned about her. Beth is hesitant to tell him anything, but after some coaxing, she nervously admits that she has a new boyfriend. Leonard is pleased and insists on meeting the boyfriend. A few days later, Beth's boyfriend Jake (Romeo Mancini) comes over to meet Leonard. But to Leonard's shock and disgust, it turns out that Jake is a much older man. Leonard is furious with Beth for dating someone so much older, and he also angrily confronts Jake for dating an 18-year-old. Tensions are high, and Jake leaves before the argument can get even worse.

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    Also Known As:

    Once He's Out of the Way

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