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Man Who Pushed In From the Beginning korean erotic
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Man Who Pushed In From the Beginning korean erotic

Man Who Pushed In From the Beginning korean erotic movie English Subtitle.
Scene 1. (Taste of stockings from an unknown woman) A group of friends of the same age decided to meet on a pension. However, the first couple of people to arrive were none other than a man and a woman who were meeting each other for the first time. In the midst of an awkward atmosphere, the other friends showed no signs of coming. As a result, the man plays a trick on the woman, who is wearing tight clothes.

Scene 2. (Taste of Queen Bee’s honey water) A man organized an internet game awareness day in a pension as the meeting place. One of the participants is a woman with game ID ‘Queen Bee’ who usually flirts with guy gamers during games. She coquettishly treats all kinds of men in internet games like a literal queen bee, but in reality, she does something more special for the organizer.

Scene 3. (Seducing a model girl) A female model complained to her male manager when she found out that there would be exposure photography, contrary to the original contract terms she signed. However, the more she listens to what her manager says, the more she thinks she needs the exposure shots.

Scene 4. (Female boss) Two people who were once classmates at the same school are now boss and subordinate. One day, the two arrive first at the company’s MT site and begin to bring up old stories in an awkward atmosphere. They begin to return to their old feelings little by little during the time they were once obsessed on each other with subtle emotions.

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