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Foreign Affairs pure taboo
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Foreign Affairs pure taboo

Foreign Affairs pure taboo. Brenda (Aila Donovan), a flight attendant, is in full uniform as she packs her suitcase. But as she finishes packing, about to leave, she looks at a ring holder sitting on her dresser. She opens the ring holder, revealing multiple men's wedding bands that glint in the light. She runs her fingers along the bands as she admires them, smiling coldly to herself before snapping the lid closed. It's time to get to work. After arriving in a new city, Brenda makes her way to a cafe. As soon as she's inside, she surveys the room... until her eyes fall on a lone man sitting nearby, Harry (Jay Smooth). Once she notices a wedding band, she scrutinizes him from afar, as if assessing him, before deciding to make her move...

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    Also Known As:

    Foreign Affairs

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